Cleaning and Maintaining Your Product

Project Cleaning:

The Deck and Patio Company LLC (TDAPC) stands behind its work and believes that proper maintenance is a critical component to the enjoyment and life span of all outdoor products. To that end, included in all new construction projects TDAPC will give all homeowners a Complimentary 1 (one) time cleaning of their project. This cleaning will include a chemical disinfection of only the products installed by TDAPC to revitalize the look of your project at the conclusion of the first year (using chemicals appropriate for each application). Other areas of the residence or property may need to be disinfected as well, and these areas can be added to this cleaning for an additional fee if desired.

Warranty and Maintenance Inspection

In advance of the above complimentary cleaning, TDAPC will schedule an inspection of the site where the products are installed to check for any warranty or maintenance issues. All warranty issues will be repaired at no charge at the appropriate time as a part of this process. Any maintenance issues which are identified and not covered by the warranty will be reviewed with the homeowner to discuss the options.

How It Works

Upon completion of your project, you will have a minimum 1 (one) year limited warranty (see our Written Warranty for full details) which begins on the date the final payment for your project is made to TDAPC. You may schedule this cleaning and maintenance inspection anytime during the last 3 (three) months of your warranty period.

If contact has not been made by you by the 11th month, TDAPC will reach out to you to schedule this free cleaning and inspection of your project. After the inspection is complete, a plan of action will be created to address the cleaning and any warranty or maintenance issues in the appropriate manner and at the convenience of the homeowner. Once the cleaning and repairs (if any) are complete, you will be free to enjoy the project in a "like new" condition for another year.