Why should you choose The Deck And Patio Company for your project?

Our customers often tell us similar stories when we talk to them about how we approach the initial appointment for a deck or patio project. We hear things like, "they asked me what I wanted but didn't really listen; and gave me a quote for something I didn't want," or "they didn't go into any detail or show me any pictures," or "they drew a sketch on a legal pad and gave us a price but we did not understand any of it." The regularity with which we hear these things lets us know that our approach is very different from what others in our field are doing.

At The Deck And Patio Company, we understand that we have information our customers need in order for them to be able to make informed decisions; and this makes us consultants more than deck builders or patio sales people. Our consultants are taught to listen first and then ask questions that fill in the blanks; after all, each client is different with different concerns and objectives so shouldn't this always be the case? When meeting with potential clients such as yourself our primary goal is to help you wade through the myriad options we offer (we literally have 100's) to find the products that best suit your home, your needs, and most importantly your budget. This approach allows us to return with an itemized quote and detailed computer design (when needed) that describes exactly what you are looking for and that is within your budget. Ultimately some potential clients do choose to use another contractor but we hope that even if this happens they will have a better project than they otherwise might have, due to our consultation.

We Offer Expert Proof Systems & Methods

Homeowners can usually tell right away that we are different from other contractors based on the first meeting; but the real benefit of using The Deck And Patio Company to complete your deck or patio project is our scientific construction systems and methods. We start out with the best materials we can buy: from galvanized ring shank nails to #1 grade lumber to true "5 sack" concrete all the way to top quality Sherwin Williams paint, we do not cut corners with lesser grade materials, period.

"You do not want your doctor in the courtroom any more than you want your lawyer in the operating room" is a phrase we take to heart almost as much as our motto of "we do it right, or not at all." Experience shows that there is no substitute for, well, experience when it comes to getting things done and getting them done right. This brings us to the second part of our system: we only utilize skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to a given trade to complete the tasks on our projects. Painters paint and roofers roof; that is the way it has been for hundreds of years, and that is the way it should be.

Complete Documentation at Your Fingertips

The third aspect of our methods and systems, and maybe the most important one, is document based supervision. All projects completed by The Deck And Patio Company are supervised by a dedicated construction manager with years of experience making customers happy. The management of projects is important; but who manages the managers? Most contractors will not even supervise their sub-contractors; but even if they do, as the homeowner, you can only watch and hope that the manager remembers to do and check everything that he is supposed to do and check. At The Deck And Patio Company our managers use living checklists to complete major tasks which need to be done right the first time (like pouring concrete or placing arbor or pergola columns) to help insure that all the details of these tasks get the attention they deserve. The reliability of a written list of instructions goes without saying but the fact that these checklists have evolved, and continue to evolve, is what makes this concept so revolutionary in the field of residential construction projects.

Unbeatable Customer Service from Start to Finish

The final reason to choose The Deck And Patio Company to complete your deck or patio project is really the first, the middle, and the last: customer service. All along the way our trained staff is dedicated to our customer's satisfaction and to breaking the widely held belief that home improvement has to be confrontational and unpleasant. From getting HOA approval for our customers at the beginning of a project to providing a written warranty and maintenance instructions at the end of one, our customers never need to experience anything but excitement and enjoyment when improving their homes in the Houston area.

There are many reasons to choose The Deck And Patio Company over other deck and patio builders which cannot easily be listed due to their technical nature but potential clients can rest assured that no contractor will try harder to complete their deck or patio project and to surpass expectations. The bottom line is that at The Deck And Patio Company we are different from others from daily trash clean up all the way to resort style quality and standards-- you will not be disappointed, we guarantee it!